Hashtag Scotland: Our road trip on film

This Hashtag Scotland project has grown proverbial arms and legs!

Initially, when tour guide Nicolas and I started talking, we saw it as a blogging project. Perhaps we’d publish a few posts on our websites, or take a few photos. Instead, we took a road trip over a long weekend in May to document what’s behind the lens at some of Scotland’s most-liked locations, Nicolas with some recording equipment in hand.

The video he created beautifully and thoughtfully contrasts quiet corners of Scotland with what it’s like behind the lens of the country’s most-liked locations, like Glenfinnan and Glen Coe. It’s what we don’t get to see on Instagram… And these scenes raise important points about social media, how we travel, and what effect this is having on our landscapes and the way we experience them.

Read more about our trip.

And let us know what you think in the comments below. I’ve loved having numerous chats with people online about these topics over the past few months!


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