Scotland slow travel guides

I’ve organised my essays and travel blogs about Scotland into six categories. I hope my words and photographs inspire you to explore our country slowly and considerately.

I love calling Scotland home. There’s so much to enjoy: deep lochs, cloud-covered mountains, white beaches, colourful seaside towns, and wildlife-filled forests. You’re also never far from some kind of archeological wonder.

Scotland was, and still is, a place of industry and innovation. Our cities are full of culture, artists, beautiful buildings, and often challenging histories. It’s worth taking the time to really get to know our places and our people. I hope you enjoy exploring here.

Edinburgh and the East

Scotland’s iconic capital city is hugged to the north by Fife and to the east by the quaint towns and countryside of the lovely East Lothian.

Aberdeen and Angus

Known for its whisky, countryside, and outstanding collection of castles, Scotland’s north-east coast is worth so much more than just a day trip.

Perthshire and Kinross

A usual weekend adventure involves escaping a short drive north to the forests and hills of Highland Perthshire. Cake is also compulsory.

Highlands and Islands

Your Scotland to-do list is always going to include the Highlands. Here are some ideas for slowing down whilst you go from Inverness around the north coast.

Glasgow and the West

The part of Scotland I grew up in, take your pick from the metropolis of the country’s biggest city, to Arran, or the corners of Argyll’s Secret Coast.

South of Scotland

An often overlooked part of the country, Dumfries and Galloway, and the Scottish Borders, are both easily accessible and a treat for the eyes.

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