A spring day trip to North Berwick

Since the start of May, the weather on Scotland’s east coast has been stunning. Even if the days have dawned with the greyness of sea mist, by lunchtime it’s burnt off and the sky is a marvellous blue.

We’ve been getting out as much as possible to enjoy it (because you never know how long good weather’s going to last in Scotland…)

Last weekend’s jaunt saw us take the train (£6.90 return from Waverley) out to North Berwick, a popular and rather posh seaside resort in East Lothian.

After a quick journey, we disembarked and wandered downhill into the bustling Saturday morning crowds, tourists and locals squashed together on the streets.

We had come for a trip on the Seabird Centre‘s catamaran but — even with the Scottish sunshine — the wind and swell was too ferocious for us to make it out to Bass Rock, the world’s largest gannet colony.

Not to be dissuaded (especially on a day we could actually wear our sunglasses!) we decided to just wander and enjoy the town’s atmosphere.

After visiting the Seabird Centre‘s Discovery area — where we zoomed in on the Rock’s resident gannets with the live cameras — we went to grab some lunch.

There are range of recommended eateries in North Berwick such as the Herringbone and the Lobster Shack, but we decided to opt for JP’s Deli (mostly because we were in the mood for breakfast rolls).

After a good dose of black pudding, we rejoined the high street crowds and ducked inside a café for afters.

Opening in North Berwick in 2014, Bostock Bakery‘s owner Ross has an accolade of awards to his name (Scottish Patissier of the Year and Cake of the Year to name a few).

This little high-street shop is a testament to the hipster aesthetic of reclaimed wood, potted plants and exposed walls but (unlike some cafés of the same style) Bostock definitely delivers on flavour.

The coffee was great, the staff were attentive but best of all, the cinnamon and almond buns were incredible. Potentially better than Söderberg‘s… Did I say that? Oh, and if you’re still not quite caffeinated, Steampunk Coffee is just around the corner.

As the sun began its journey towards the horizon, we rounded off our North Berwick break with a stroll on the beach.

It was busy with families, couples and tourists enjoying the views towards the Forth’s islands, but nevertheless it was rather lovely to swap the Edinburgh smog for the seaside… Even just for a day.

Where are your favourite day trips from Edinburgh?

3 responses to “A spring day trip to North Berwick”

  1. Beautiful post! I went to the Lobster Shack recently and really enjoyed it. Good to know that Bostock Bakery is worth a look, I hadn’t heard of it before!

    • Hi Caroline, thanks for commenting 🙂 How are you? AH so exciting! I think you’ll love North Berwick, a bunch of lovely places to eat and with the Bass Rock on the horizon, it’s a beautiful seaside town 🙂 if you can, you should do a boat trip out on the Forth! x

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