Sunday afternoons at Söderberg

Ever since B’s car broke down a few weekends ago, we’ve been like birds with clipped wings. No more weekend migrations to the coast or the Highlands; no last-minute road trips back west to see my family; we’ve even started getting our shopping delivered (this feels a little lazy and too twenty-first century to me).

Yet, in reducing our ability to travel, we’ve explored more of Edinburgh than usual. Sunday afternoons are now for Söderberg.

In Edinburgh you’re never too far from this Swedish bakery (there are shops in the West End, Quartermile, Stockbridge and the Meadows).

Our local is on Broughton Street, one of a line of lovely stores, hipster cafés and gift boutiques in a fashionable area of Edinburgh‘s New Town. You could easily walk down this street, weaving in and out of doors and peering into windows, for hours (or maybe that’s just me).

But I can never pass Söderberg’s grey façade without stopping for a latte — better than the adjacent Artisan Roast, IMO! — plus a cinnamon bun, or vanilla and raspberry bun with a custard centre, or a cardamom bun…

There are only three tables in this little store, but what it lacks in seating it makes up for in sweetness. Swedish delicacies twirl in sugar and spices; scones both sweet and savoury; tiny biscuits like festive decorations in jars; ice cream waiting for summer.

Even though it’s not on the ‘cheap’ end of the coffee shop scale — with two buns and two coffees coming in at over a tenner — it’s 100% my favourite sugary pitstop in Edinburgh right now.

Where’s your favourite café in Edinburgh?


2 responses to “Sunday afternoons at Söderberg”

    • YES! It’s so good, I’ve been there twice this weekend 🙂 (maybe not so good for the waistline but ah well) hope you’ve had a lovely weekend Chiara! x

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