Getting lost in the Trossachs

I’m forever amazed at what a breath of fresh air can do for the soul.

This week, we packed a bag of snacks, took jackets in case the sun disappeared, and drove north.

Our destination was Aberfoyle, a small Trossachs town that boasts a lane of old-fashioned shops, cosy cafés and a profusion of natural landmarks.

Aberfoyle 001

Loch Ard, Loch Katrine and Queen Elizabeth Forest Park all hug this town, and we headed steeply uphill towards the latter.

We got lost between spindly trees, decaying pine needles and dark grass, stumbling upon a singing stream that we followed back to the waterfall. There are picnic tables, hammocks and flat rocks where you can sit and listen to the liquid sliding over the pebbles, smoothing them in a haze of terracotta and sienna shades.

Occasionally a metallic scrape shatters the silence. It’s just a body zooming above the canopy; a youngster exploring the Go Ape assault course.

Aberfoyle 003

The Lodge at the park has been completely revamped within the past year: there’s a new café (serving the standard sandwiches, pizzas and drinks) plus a wildlife hub where ospreys are caught on camera.

And although it’s not quite the season, a Mackie’s ice cream counter. We couldn’t help but grab a scoop and sit out on the patio, staring across the countryside with our scarves wrapped tightly around our necks. How very Scottish.

Aberfoyle 004

It may seem hypocritical of me to talk nature and landscapes whilst I type this in front of a computer screen. But there is nothing quite as recalibrating, as calming, as simple as breathing fresh air.

If only more of us put down our tablets, our mobile phones and our TV remotes, perhaps we’d be more in tune with this wonderful world… and each other.

Where’s your favourite place in the Trossachs?

4 responses to “Getting lost in the Trossachs”

  1. I could not have put it better! I have 3 kids and all they ever want is there computers and tablets or the TV. On my days off I force them outdoors, providing it’s not raining! Once I have them in a forest or field, out exploring they love it. It gives us all a new lease of life and helps clear the head. Not many better places to get lost in than the Trossachs, a beautiful area.

    • Thanks Paul! Totally agree, nothing beats the great outdoors… I bet the memories your kids will cherish will be those days spent exploring. PS look forward to seeing more of your photographs! 🙂

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